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I'm a story writer. 

I just write in pictures.

Stephanie West Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers

who i am

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I am an intensely hopeless romantic who loves to photograph people in love.

where i come from

I was born and raised in Southeast Ohio, Nelsonville, to be exact. I currently live in Central Ohio, working mostly in the Columbus and Lancaster areas.. but the hills of the Appalachians will always be home in my heart.

my approach

My approach to wedding photography is to use beautiful light and authentic, emotional moments to write the story of your wedding day

my "why"

I believe in love. I believe in images and physical photographs and the ties they give us to the emotions and the people who are in, have been in and will be in our lives. The characters in our stories.

my mission

My mission is to capture your wedding day as authentically as possible, moment by moment, writing your story as it happens so that when you sit down with your album in twenty years, you feel as in love with your sweetheart as you did on your wedding day. Maybe even a little more.


My booking process

how I go about getting your wedding scheduled

After the wedding

My process after your wedding day

I am a complete and total empath. I feel other peoplesโ€™ feelings... I have kids, so when your mom cries on your wedding day, I can feel her love and that intense, bittersweet sadness that her little girl is grown up. That is why I insist on my work being authentic.
— Stephanie

My team

all my packages include a second shooter because it gives you two points of view at every single moment of your wedding day. it lets us be two places at once so you never miss a moment.

amy taylor team stephanie west photography

Amy Taylor

Second Shooter/Assistant/Ring Bearer Wrangler

Amy is a dear friend in addition to being an amazing photographer. She is a rockstar mom, a creative mind, a scrapbooking fanatic, lover of tiny little toys and all things Disney. She is a second pair of hands on a wedding day and having her on my team provides another point of view for my clients in their galleries and albums. All of my wedding packages include a second shooter because I believe in what she does, what we do together and especially the value she adds to my business for my clients!