this is a list of the questions I am asked the most. if you have a question that is not listed, i would love to talk to you! click here to fill out the contact form, even for the smallest little question! it's no bother! 

how long have you been a photographer?

I have had my photography business since 2008, having weddings as my specialty since 2016. In that time,  I have shot 31 weddings (as of January 30, 2018)! In 2016 I realized that I was sometimes dreading going to other shoots, like senior sessions. I just wasn't enjoying them as much as I love shooting weddings. I looked forward to weddings, I enjoyed being there, I get overjoyed when I capture intense moments or insanely beautiful light and I decided that's what I wanted to do. So, one day as I was driving, I literally yelled at the universe, "I want to just shoot weddings!" and I started making that happen... and here I am, with 16 weddings on my calendar for 2018 and already 2 for 2019! Bring them on!!!

how would you describe your style of photography?

I would describe my wedding photography as lifestyle or journalistic. I don't like to create moments. I like to photograph moments in the raw, as they happen. I love capturing real emotion and real interaction between people, especially people in love. 

will you be the photographer who photographs my wedding?

Definitely! I do shoot with another photographer so you might see her photographing you as well, at different moments in the day, but she works with me. I photograph every wedding I book. (I'm too much of a control freak over my work to allow anyone else to do it for me! lol) I also personally do all the culling and editing of all your images as well as all client interactions! When you hire me, you get me!

You won't get to see every single shot we take. Have you ever seen those horrible photos of Beyonce on stage, where her face looks.. well.. you've seen them. Even Bey has not-so-stellar moments. You will see every image I am proud to have my name and reputation on. Between two of us, we shoot around 2000 images per wedding and my brides get an average of 400-500 images from their wedding day. Those are edited jpeg images.

do i get to see all the images from my wedding?

I deliver all my images on a really cute USB that my brides always love and they're packaged really cute..  well.. you'll just have to wait and see. I don't want to ruin the surprise. Anyway, you get the USB and a print release to print your images. I also offer a huge selection of professional prints, canvases and many other products but I don't require my couples to purchase a print package. Although, I do BEG you to make sure you print something. The USB won't be around forever!

how will i get my images?

All my packages are standard at 6 hours. At your free consultation we will talk about your needs specifically and work out your timeline together. If you have a planner/designer, they might have a timeline worked out for you already, which is fine! We can "tweak" it if we need to but they typically know what they're doing! Also, we can totally add time if we need to (I will just invoice you after the wedding for the extra time! Easy peasy!), but for a traditional wedding day, either with or without a first look, that is usually plenty of time to capture all the typical wedding day festivities. If you go to this blog post, there is a sample of a typical wedding day with me! Right click and save it to help you come up with your timeline!

how do you schedule a wedding day?

I shoot everything in color but after the wedding, as I'm editing every image (yep, every. image. myself.) I will make some of them black and white in post-processing. I usually change the ones that are most impactful and have the most emotion when the color is removed. I don't over-edit my images, use sepia filters, selective color or use black or white vignette around them. 

do you shoot in color or in black and white?

At your free consultation, you're welcome to take a look at my contract! But until you're ready to sign I don't allow clients to take them home. If you want to talk to other photographers *gasp*...  just kidding...  you can let me know you're ready to hire me and I will fill in the specifics for your wedding and your package info and mail or email you a copy that you can sign and send back to me. 

can i see a contract?

At your consultation, if you decide to hire me as your wedding photographer, I require a $500 retainer to hold that date for you. That amount is deducted from your total, which leaves your balance, which is due sometime before any wedding photography services take place on your wedding day. If you want to give me a check that morning, that's fine! I also accept cash, credit/debit cards, paypal or Starbucks cards.  ;) jk...kinda

how do we pay for our wedding?

That day, we will come a few minutes early to say hi, meet everyone and get all your details together (before the wedding, I will send you an informational sheet detailing what you should have set aside for us on that day!). Then we will go shoot the bride and groom details, any gift exchange you do and then the getting ready phase of your day. We typically only get the tail end of the hair and makeup process. Do you really want photos of you having your contouring done? Ha!  I mean, if you do I'm there for you boo! My second shooter will typically hang with the guys during this time and I stay with the ladies and then we will meet up for the first look if you have one. Then we meet up just before the ceremony to devise a game plan for the ceremony, so we aren't photographing each other, and then we just shoot, shoot, shoot until we can't shoot any more... or until times runs out, which usually comes first. 

we want to hire you. what can we expect on our wedding day?

My average time for a wedding is 6-8 weeks. But, by the magic of social media, I absolutely share sneak peeks and fun little photos before that time is up. While I'm editing, if I come across something really extra, I'll totally text you because I get super excited and can't wait for you to see them! 

how long after the wedding will we have to wait to see our photos?

Yes!! I have a list built of venues where I have shot as well as many of the amazing wedding vendors I have worked with along the way! Networking with other industry vendors is a big part of my job! I like having reliable companies I can send my clients to when they need someone for their wedding! Email me if you need help finding a vendor and I'll help you out! 

do you have referrals for other wedding vendors, like florists, etc?

still have questions?