Hocking Hills Farm Wedding

These are my beautiful friends, Brittany and Kristina and they are married!! And they asked me to be their wedding photographer. I shot their family photos two years ago after they were referred to me by my cousin, Amy, who works with them at Anchor Hocking in Lancaster and after that session they gave me the sweetest compliment I think I have ever received from a client. Brittany told me "We have found our forever photographer..." I cried. So when they asked me to shoot their wedding, I had zero hesitation to say yes. 

I'm going to be completely honest, here. I have wondered if I would lose followers on social media because it is a same-sex wedding but without question, I will not allow that to dictate how I treat my clients, my work and most importantly, my friends. My daughter walked in while I was editing these images and she asked me "Are those two girls?", to which I replied a simple, "yep." She asked, "are they married?" "Yep." She asked further, "Is that allowed?" "Yep." again. She looked at the picture on the screen, a photo of the two brides forehead to forehead, smiling and looking into each others' eyes. She looked at me with a strange look on her face. "Are they happy?" I asked her in reply, "do they look happy?" She smiled and said "yep." Full circle.  .... and then she pointed to Kristina, in her white wedding dress and said "does she know that's a girl?" We both giggled and I said "yep" and she went on about her day. No big deal. I wish that for my kids. I hope for them that they see love and just see it as love and nothing more. 

I think sometimes people use their faith as ammo to judge others but I won't allow that in my heart. And I'll do my best to raise my kids to love others and not judge. 

*sigh*  Now that I have that off my chest ;) ....

Brittany and Kristina got married at a beautiful location in the Hocking Hills called Pleasant View Cabin at Hocking Hills Farm. I'm not going to lie, when I lost my cell signal I got a little nervous. To say this venue is "out there"...  well... it's out there! But it's so beautiful. When I pulled up and saw all the kitchen chairs set up I audibly squealed to myself. The little details that went into this wedding were so dang cute!!! The barn made a perfect backdrop for the ceremony and the field where the reception festivities were held made the perfect outdoor country wedding! When I left the bonfire had been started, the jello shots were coming out to the party and Brittany and Kristina's daughter, Riley, was sitting by the fire with a marshmallow on a stick. Sometimes I wish I could stay for the after party! 

So without further ado, please enjoy a small collection of images from Brittany and Kristina's wedding. I hope they leave you wanting...  *ahem* ....     s'more.