Planning / Best of Internet Wedding Planning

I have noticed a huge trend in wedding planning lately and you have to know about it if you're planning a wedding! It's the internet! Dresses, invitations, bridal party gifts... OH MY! 

Most people have ordered something online at some point in their lives but I'm sure women are cautious when it comes to wedding planning online. We've all seen those "What I thought I was getting / What I got" memes on Facebook, right?  But let me tell you some of the best online resources for planning your wedding!!! 

Azazie- Did you know you can order bridesmaid dresses online?! YES!! And this website is fabulous!!!! I have shot several weddings where the bridesmaids got their dresses here and they have loved them and the brides have loved them. They fit amazingly well, the prices are incredible and the colors are beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend using this service, where you can even get sample dresses for $10 so you can try them on and see what you like the best!!

Basic Invite- I have partnered with this website, which offers AMAZING stationary products from Save the Date cards, invitations, thank you cards... your entire invitation suite can be ordered here!!! Another trend these days is DIY wedding details so this is one way to completely customize your wedding invitations yourself! AND, BONUS, I have a coupon code for 30% off for my brides!!! Hit me up for that code if you want to try our Basic Invite! 

Etsy- Chances are if you're reading this, you're a girl and if you're reading this and you are a girl, you have heard of Etsy. But did you know how many super cute, fun bridal party gifts you can get on Etsy?! I think the cutest thing I see at weddings from Etsy are the adorable matching robes for bridesmaids for the getting ready portion of the wedding day. I'll let you find your favorite seller on Etsy for the robes you like the best but that is definitely the best place to get them that I have seen at past weddings! 

Zazzle- If the men in your wedding are wearing fancy clothes, and they are wearing cufflinks, this is a GREAT place to get them! They have a huge selection of custom ones that you can really get to match the personality of the men who will be wearing them or you can get them to match the theme of your wedding day! Check them out if you want something simple and fun to hype up the details of your wedding day!

Wedding Wire- This is an all inclusive wedding planning website!! You can find vendors, venues, planning information, timelines, shot lists, reviews of vendors... ALL THE INFORMATION! This is where you need to go if you have no clue where to start, when you should send out save the date cards or invitations, what the etiquette is for wording your invitations when both sets of parents are paying for the wedding, the groom is in the military about to receive a medical degree, and the bride is a young widow whose father recently had a sex change operation and now goes by the name Sugar Pie DiSanto. (If you don't understand that reference, are you even planning a wedding? LOL!'s from the movie, The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez ;) 

I'm confident I have forgotten SOMETHING amazing or that there is something out there I don't even know about yet!! What have been your favorite online resources for wedding planning? Drop a comment and share your wisdom with all the other knee-deep-in-wedding-stuff brides to be out there!!