Gina & Byron Engagement

You know, my best referrals come from my friends and family. My amazing hair stylist, Kaiti, is one of my best...advocates. Okay, okay, if you know me well enough, you know I call them my pimps LOL! But Gina and Byron came to me through Kaiti. They met while attending Ohio State and I can't wait to incorporate the Buckeyes campus into their wedding day!! I am so excited to shoot their wedding at The Blackwell in September... aaaaaand if anyone has any connections to get us on that field for some shots, I might owe you a lifetime of free photo shoots! ;)  *shameless, I know lol* 

So, anyway, Kaiti helped Byron propose to Gina by making a book about their lives together. The end of the book had a place that was cut out where he put the ring and they sat together and looked at the book and he popped the question after they had strolled down memory lane. And they are looking forward to making their family official, having their ADORABLE son, Gio, as a part of their big day as well. 

Now I'm excited to show you some of my faves from their engagement shoot last weekend at Inniswoods Metro Park in Westerville.