Planning / Engagement Sessions

It seems to be engagement photo season, doesn't it? All the couples whose weddings I have booked this year are getting their engagement photos done now, so they can have them done in plenty of time to get their Save The Dates out (etiquette says you should send them out 6 months before your wedding). So I was just thinking, I think the most common questions I get asked before an engagement session is "what should we wear?" and "should we bring anything?" So let's talk about that!

So, what should you wear? My opinion is that you want your engagement photos to represent you as a couple but you also want them to be timeless. And something Grandma will be proud to show her friends at the beauty parlor. Can you wear jeans to your engagement shoot? Absolutely! But ladies, you should dress them up with a cute top that absolutely exudes your personality and some cute shoes. Oh, and don't forget accessories! And make sure they fit well and accentuate your figure! Guys, wear a nicer shirt but it definitely doesn't have to button all the way up to your Adam's apple. And no, you don't have to wear a tie. Think church clothes. Think something you would wear to an informal wedding as a guest. 

Can you wear something more formal? Of course! Classy never goes out of style. When it's warmer weather I love girls in cute, flowy sundresses and sandals and guys in a nice pair of suit pants with a nice, button down shirt and tie. Maybe something you would wear to a semi-formal wedding. As long as it fits well and you're comfortable, your personalities should shine through in your engagement photos!

Should you match? No. Should you coordinate? Yes! I usually suggest the ladies choose their outfits first so it's something you feel comfortable, confident and sexy in and then help the guys choose their outfits to coordinate with a color in your top, scarf or dress. Try to keep patterns simple and try not to have too many.

Now, what should you bring? Anything that is a token of your love for one another. If you have a special place that is important to you, let's include that in your session! If you have an absolute favorite treat you like to share (think ice cream, cotton candy, etc) bring that! If you have a scrapbook of your relationship, bikes you like to ride together, matching iPods and Beats you got together... anything that you like to do TOGETHER... if you can get it to the session, bring it! And make sure you mention your location ideas when we're scheduling your session! Your engagement session is yours.. not mine! ;) I welcome your input/ideas with open arms!

Ladies, one last tip for you: one great idea (I think) is to schedule a trial run of your hair and makeup for the day you're doing your engagement photos so you can not only see what you're going to look like on your wedding day, but you can look amazing for your engagement photos as well! And who doesn't love getting their hair and makeup done! 

Guys, I have a tip for you too!: I know guys aren't usually the photo-takers that we ladies can be sometimes, and you worry about feeling awkward in front of the camera. So, before the day of your engagement session, take a look through my blog at some of my other engagement session so you can see what to expect. I'm a very laid back photographer. I don't like stuffy poses and cheesy things. I like relaxed, natural and fun sessions that just capture the two of you together. Relax, have a beer, look at some other sessions so you know what to expect and be ready to have fun!