Ashley & Dylan Engagement

Engagement photos are important to me, especially for grooms. As girls, we're used to taking photos. We definitely take more group photos with our friends and selfies than our boy counterparts. Maybe it isn't cool to be photographed, maybe it makes you less masculine *shrugs*... I dunno. Maybe our guys think doing a photo session will be painful in some way? We do sometimes ask them to wear clothes they don't normally wear, unless they dress professionally for work. But I've never seen a man in physical pain because of a dress shirt. So, surely that isn't it, right? 

When I'm having a consultation with a couple and the groom-to-be hears that I'll be with them for six hours on their wedding day, sometimes I see the color drain out of their faces at the thought of being photographed for six hours. And don't even get me started on the reactions when they find out they have to do a first dance with their bride and all eyes will be on them. More than one couple has debated this event, I assure you! 

So when they find out I will be with them for six hours on their wedding day, the engagement session kinda stresses them out and they don't see the need for it. But let me tell you what it really does. Having that hour or two together, in a more casual setting, with just the three of us and no pressure of any kind... they just get to be with their woman and are encouraged to relax and be themselves, they are much more comfortable on their wedding day when it comes to their photography. When it comes time for the bride and groom portrait session, they are already relaxed with me because they know what to expect and they know they aren't going to be asked to do any weird poses or anything awkward (usually ;) And you know, sometimes the alcohol flows pretty freely on the wedding day, too, so by the time they've had a few beers with their buddies and the ceremony is over and they know I'm relaxed and just want real interaction with their lady, they are happy to have photos taken... usually

I am super excited to shoot Ashley and Dylan's wedding in November at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster! They are so incredibly natural together, giggly and touchy and just happy. Their engagement session came very easily, even for Dylan! I'm sure if you ask him he will tell you, their engagement session wasn't that bad. ;)