Abbey & Matthew Engagement

Location is everything, right? Isn't that what "they" say? Location, location, location. Well, it's so true even with sessions! The right backdrop can make or break a session! And there are a bazillion location options around Columbus but shooting somewhere new is exciting and really gets the creative juices flowing. That's why when Abbey and Matthew asked if we could do their engagement session at The Ridges in Athens, Ohio, I was so excited. It's quirky but it's gorgeous.... and it's haunted. Not kidding. Seriously. Don't believe me? Read this story about this place! And if you follow me on Instagram (if you don't, you should!) you might have seen my story where there was something moving in that window!! ;) 

Okay, enough about that... this is about Abbey and Matthew. I know Abbey because her mom has been all of my kids' preschool teacher. All four of them. We love her so much. And when her daughter got engaged she texted me that day asking if I knew a good wedding photographer. ;) 

Abbey and Matthew are adorable together. They are Bobcats at Ohio University and they love the outdoors and Jesus. I love shooting engagement sessions for my brides and grooms because it gives me a good peek into their relationship and how they love each other and I honestly cannot wait to shoot their wedding next spring!