Ash Cave Engagement

Ashley and Brent love the outdoors and wanted to incorporate that in their engagement photos. Their wedding will have the same love-of-the-outdoors feel this fall at a beautiful venue with amazing views in Bidwell, Ohio.

It's always flattering when I book a wedding; that a couple entrusts such an important day in their lives to me and my photography skills but it's especially flattering when a couple is willing to pay a little bit extra to have me at their wedding that is far away from where I am located. I love to travel....and I definitely love a good road trip! 

We chose Ash Cave as the starting point for this session because they wanted the all the beauty that this area has to offer but damn it was hot and humid this day, and I knew the walk back to Ash Cave was easy. Another bonus was that we have had SO MUCH rain in the last few weeks that I knew water would be spilling over the waterfall and it didn't disappoint!!! ...I just wish I could ignore that "no wading or swimming" sign that sits just outside the pool the falls spill into. ;)