Pinnacle Golf Club Wedding

I try not to get on a soapbox very often. I’m not very educated on politics and issues, I’m not super opinionated about things and I don’t like confrontation or debates. But I do have my own set of beliefs and values. One of those beliefs is that we all have our own set of morals and that yours don’t have to be the same as mine… that we’re all different, have different life experiences, have different wants, needs and more importantly, our own places in the world. And I don’t disrespect anyone who has a different feeling about an issue than me and I expect the same thing from others. I believe that our relationships with each other as humans should be about mutual respect. So I don’t even think twice when a same-sex couple inquires about my wedding services. I genuinely believe that love is love. And that is that.

Lisa and Marsha came to be by way of one of my 2017 couples, Jesse and Justin. I was elated to be able to work with them at their amazing venue, Pinnacle Golf Club in Grove City. Everything about their day was beautiful, classy and sophisticated, very much like Lisa and Marsha themselves. Every detail was carefully thought out and represented them as a couple, from their incredible, matching wedding bands from The Diamond Cellar to the quartet that serenaded their walks down the aisle.

This wedding was, by far, my most challenging wedding this year, though. Not because either of the brides was a “bridezilla” or that anything about the wedding was difficult. It was because I shot a wedding the night before this one (Tosha and John) and during the sparkler exit I dropped my camera on concrete steps and broke the mechanism inside that controls auto focus. Just a few minutes into shooting Lisa and Marsha’s wedding I realized that my photos were just slightly out of focus if I used auto focus. After fervently trying to “fix” the auto focus I realized I would have to manually focus Lisa and Marsha’s entire wedding. I wasn’t too worried because I do use a second shooter most of the time and she was there but to say that I was stressed the entire wedding that my focusing skills wouldn’t get me through the day is a HARD understatement.

Luckily, everything was fine, I was able to function by manually focusing and the entire wedding day was perfect in every way.

Congratulations Lisa and Marsha!! I’m grateful you chose me as your wedding photographer. Thank you for blessing me with being part of your day! <3

The Wedding Day Team:

Venue: Pinnacle Golf Club, Grove City, Ohio

Lisa’s Gown: Betsy Adam at Macy’s

Marsha’s Suit: Saks Fifth Avenue

Florals: Venue

Cake Artist: Venue

Wedding rings: The Diamond Cellar

Lisa’s earrings: Givenchy

Stationery: Peabody Paper