Newark Ohio Engagement

I’ve never seen the movie “Love Actually”. No, really. I’ve also never seen “The Notebook”. Being the hardcore romantic that I am you are probably surprised at that, but what you might not know is that I’m also a really deep feeler. Being an empath might be my fatal flaw. I take on emotions and feelings that aren’t mine and movies that I know will make me cry or make me feel things, I tend to avoid. But, I’m watching “Love Actually” right now, as I write this blog post, just so I can say I’ve seen it. *shrug* The good news is that being an empath makes me a better wedding photographer. I’m continuously looking for the emotions during the entire wedding day. Happy, sad, and especially those feelings of deep, intense love. THAT is why I love being a wedding photographer!

When I tell you I get bummed out when I’m booked already when I get an inquiry, because I’m a feeler, that’s an understatement. Especially when the wedding is someone I know or someone I have a connection to already and more especially when the wedding is at a venue that is new to me and WAY cool.

Courtney’s mom was my high school geometry teacher when I was 15. So when I got their inquiry in my email I was so excited but then I realized I already had a wedding booked that day I was so disappointed. I was, however, stoked when Courtney asked me to if I would still shoot her and Ryan’s engagement photos. Um, DUH!!

We decided to do them at Dawes Arboretum, a beautiful location in Newark, Ohio. We had been watching the weather all week because, typical in Ohio, it was sketchy. But it worked out really well and the light was perfect and the temperature wasn’t terrible.

Thanks for the super fun day, Courtney and Ryan!! I wish you ALL THE BEST on your wedding day and forever!