Lake Hope Lodge Wedding

I’ve recently been on a country music kick. Not old country but the newer, “poppier” country. And one of my favorite songs is “I Don’t Know About You” by Chris Lane. If you know the song, one of the questions he asks the girl he’s met in a bar as he’s trying to get to know her is, “What’s your dream job?” Every time I hear that line I’m thankful that I know my answer with 100% certainty. This is mine, without question.

I shot 24 weddings in 2018 (for a total of 54 weddings in my 11 years in business) and when people ask me about how many weddings I shot this year and I tell them the typical response is “wow, that’s A LOT!” and I’m asked questions about being overwhelmed or bored. Nope. Every wedding is different, all the details are different, the gowns are different, every couple is different to work with, some weddings are more challenging, they are different sizes… Nothing is ever the same. And everyone involved is (usually) happy and excited and all the good emotions. Weddings are a celebration and I’m an extrovert so I love being around people and meeting new people and dancing… and cake. ;) I have some dear friends who were my brides and I’m so grateful for their friendships and their love and that this “job” has brought me to where I am.

Tosha and John’s wedding had some of the most unique details I have seen at a wedding. I always tell my couples to really pay attention to the little details of your wedding day. Also, make sure your details match who you are as a couple. This is one of the best places to show your personalities at your wedding. And these are the little things your guests will remember!

Our whole day at Lake Hope Lodge was sweet, memorable and sentimental. From the bride having her eyelashes touched up in her cabin before the wedding to the couple doing tequila shots together before the ceremony to the incredible ceremony space overlooking the beautiful Lake Hope…. and I can’t forget me dropping my camera on concrete steps during the sparkler exit (and breaking it… when I had a wedding the next day- which I had to shoot in manual focus!!!…. *ugh* I STILL have a little bit of PTSD from that! ha!!)

But, I really do have THE BEST job. I do miss some things with my family on weekends but if I had a 9-5 I would miss much more so I can’t complain!! And I make my own schedule!! …. which reminds me, does anyone know when Fairfield Union’s prom will be in two years? *shrugs*

Thank you, Tosha and John, for choosing me for your big day!! You’re one of the most fun couples I’ve had the pleasure of working with and I wish you all the best!! xo

Wedding day team:

Bride’s Gown: Wendy’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Gowns: Wendy’s Bridal

Bride’s Hair: Paige Juillerat, Mane Street Salon, Leesburg

Bride’s Lashes: Megan Patrick, Megs the Esthi

Menswear: Men’s Warehouse

Bakery: White’s Bakery / Whites Cake Box

DJ: Brian Jester, JCR Studio & Sound