Worthington Ohio Engagement

Kristina and Bryan are perfect together and if you know them, you already know. Bryan is a Marine Corp veteran and police officer and you can tell he just has a natural instinct to protect, especially when it comes to his lady. Towering over Kristina, he was constantly making sure she was warm and was game for all of her ideas for their engagement session. And Kristina showed how much she adores her man by having their engagement shoot at one of his favorite places with his favorite things.

Bryan is a train fanatic and the Ohio Railway Museum was the most wonderful place for their photo shoot! The old mail car was adorable for their champagne toast and really highlighted how elegant and classy Kristina is… and how playful they are together. I mean, when they were kissing and I said “pop your foot!”, Bryan did just that ;)

The museum isn’t open on Saturdays but they were so gracious, not only opening the building for us, but also driving us down the tracks on the old Trolley Car and giving us a lot of history about the trains we were on as we moved from train to train. And as we ended our session, the engineer gave Bryan a collector’s coin from the train we shot the champagne toast in.

It was not only an amazing shoot, it was a super fun experience. I’m excited to take my kids to the museum one day!

How great an idea was this for such a fun engagement session? So unique!!