Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer

Hi! I'm Stephanie, lead photographer, laid back fun-haver, head honcho, mom.


I've been a photographer for about 11 years now, concentrating on weddings for two years. I have done about 30 weddings at this point, starting 10 years ago with a tiny little Kodak point and shoot camera, charging only $100! Yes, seriously! *facepalm* I promise you things have changed a lot!

I started shooting weddings (almost) exclusively, mostly because I'm a hopeless romantic. I mean, I might be able to show you the list of required traits my future husband would have that I wrote up when I was 16. It may or may not have included that he would bring me flowers every day. Hey, I was 16! Ha!  Seriously though, I will never get enough of people in love. Especially when it's that googly-eyed, make all your friends gag, he's your best friend forever kind of love.

People always say they love photography because they can freeze time or because they can create memories for people and that's totally true. And those are great reasons that I definitely appreciate. But I'm going to be honest... I love it because it's tangible proof that we existed. One of my favorite things in the world when I was little was to get my Grandma's photo album out, with its black paper pages with old, tattered black and white photos taped to them and she would tell us the stories about the people in the photographs. I want my friends and families to have those moments with their children and their grandchildren. And some of my clients become some of my dearest friends. I want your photos to tell your story. Granted, your wedding day is only a tiny part of your story, but it's such an important chapter. 

I've been married to my husband, Chad, for 15 years and we have 4 amazing, smart, beautiful kiddos. Wyatt is 13, Ginger is 8, Mia is 6 and Toby is 4. We also have 2 fur babies. The boys are crazy sports fanatics and the girls are tumbling, sassy little divas. If we're not at the ball field or gymnastics practices you can find us sprawled around the living room watching Chopped or Fixer Upper and snacking on popcorn, while I'm snuggled on the couch editing. (Photography gives me something creative and inspiring to make me feel successful and fulfilled outside my family, which is so incredibly important.. and let's be honest, with 4 kids, it just gets me out of the house for some grown-up time!)

I love coffee which is probably an understatement. I don't know how I don't own stock in Starbucks at this point. Who do I call about that? Oh, I also I can't turn down pizza. Ever. I love, love, LOVE music, more specifically Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran (way more than I should), sorry Chad. I shamelessly listen to *NSYNC way too loud in the car, demonstrating all my best waist-up car dancing moves and I live in jeans and t-shirts. 

And I can't wait to find more about what makes you tick! <3





My team


Amy Taylor

Second shooter/assistant/ring bearer wrangler


Amy Taylor is my second shooter/assistant/ring bearer rangler. Amy is a dear friend in addition to being an amazing photographer. She is a rockstar mom, a creative mind, a scrapbooking fanatic, lover of tiny little toys and all things Disney. She is a second pair of hands on a wedding day and having her on my team provides another point of view for my clients in their galleries and albums. All of my wedding packages include a second shooter because I believe in what she does, what we do together and especially the value she adds to my business for my clients!

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